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In two and a half months my stiffness is greatly reduced and pain totally under control. I feel like I am getting my life back and I think I am seeing some reversal of my condition that I never thought possible… Hemant

I’m so thrilled to know that I didn’t have to live with this pain for the rest of my life.


Working with Maryann I almost immediately dropped my pain levels from an 8/9 to a 1 and now, after 6 months, regularly go days without any pain.


In November of 2016, I suffered a frozen shoulder and after spending almost $1000 on various forms of treatment such as Chiropractic treatment, osteopathy and acupuncture, I was only able to achieve around 50% relief. In December 2017, I then experienced a twisted pelvis that resulted in excruciating pain for simple tasks like lifting a bottle of water as well as major knee problems, to the point where it became difficult to sit, lie down or drive. After spending months and months going to Osteopaths and massage therapists and only getting mild or temporary relief, I finally met Maryann who explained the exact cause of all my injuries and problems and created the perfect plan to help me improve.

In just two months, my knee pain has almost completely subsided, I am able to drive reasonable distances again. I no longer experience excruciating pain when sneezing and my quality of life is improving every single day, in fact, I was finally able to sit on a plane again after a whole year.  I am now much wiser about my body and how to enable it to heal.

Maryann has been a complete godsend. She is a real angel and a true delight to work with. She deeply cares about each person she helps and always goes the extra mile to make sure they get better by better understanding their own body and what it needs.


Finally Get Your Pain To Go Away For Good


Prevent Problems From Cropping Up In The Future


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Results That Last A Lifetime

Are you sick and tired of the never-ending search for a solution to your pain?

What if the solution to your pain was right in front of you all along?

By addressing posture (the root cause, not the symptom) you will not only end this pursuit for a solution, but you will have the tools to maintain your results for the rest of your life.

If you have chronic pain or are looking for a way to better understand how your body moves and how you can align yourself to perform more optimally, then I highly recommend you contact Maryann and start your journey with her.


I am so grateful to Maryann. I feel like she’s given me my life back. Most of all, she’s given me hope.


I now look forward to picking things off the floor, from behind couches. It sounds crazy, but I was never able to do this without pain for a couple of decades.