This article is for those who have been told that you need to stop running because running is bad for your knees, and for those of you that have been told that you need to take it easy because your favorite sport is too “high impact”, and for those of you who have been told that your hip pain is due to old age. Consider for a moment that maybe your ailments are not due to wear and tear, or old age. Use the mindset check assignment at the end of this article to begin to explore new ways of thinking that empower healing and freedom within your body.

From ages 19 to 30 I was riddled with injuries, pain, and degenerative joints. My downward spiral in health started with a torn ACL and meniscus in my right knee during a lacrosse game at the age of 19. The pain and injuries that ensued included chronic shoulder pain and tendinitis in both shoulders, a labral tear in my left hip, and lower back pain. I saw and suffered from it all. I blamed my injuries on wear and tear from high impact running, squatting with heavy barbells on my back, hours and hours on the elliptical and treadmill, and countless hours spent paddling on my surfboard and swimming.

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