What is The Posture Workout? 

The Posture Workout is a revolutionary online posture therapy program that offers convenience, accountability, individualized feedback and community. The Posture Workout is designed to give each individual the tools they need to create lifelong habit changes and lasting results.

The Posture Workout delivers the key benefits of one on one therapy without the high cost.

  • The Posture Workout only takes 15 minutes, can be done from your living room or a hotel room, requires very little space, and requires no specialized equipment.
  • Start improving posture and feeling better today without the hassle of booking an appointment. 
  • Resolve aches and pains and prevent them from coming back in the future. 
  • Realize that you can get better by taking actions yourself every single day.
  • Gain the confidence to move again!

The movements in The Posture Workout are simple and will not leave you feeling over stretched or over worked. Instructions are provided in both video and written formats to suit all learning styles. A new Posture Workout is posted each month so that you don’t get bored and you continue to learn and progress!

I tried chiropractic + massage therapy + physical therapy all with no lasting resolution. I like that with The Posture Workout I can prevent and treat pain issues!


After doing the Posture Workout everyday for almost 3 weeks, I’ve already noticed changes in my standing posture.


I have had hip pain for over 6 months and my work and sport, soccer, aggravate it. I have been following and performing the posture workout as well as doing other self-care routines and today I played in my 90 minute soccer game without pain! I’m so grateful that Maryann Berry is sharing her knowledge with all of us!


This group is the back bone to my health and sanity. I am stronger because of it. I look forward to celebrating many more years with this group. It works only if you are committed and your health is worth the lifelong commitment.