See what clients have to say…

Spencer Rosen

“Meeting with Maryann was more than just a session where I learned some new exercises, it was a session where I discovered a whole new approach on how to relate to my body.  I realized that by doing the work I could actually really address areas where I was experiencing pain and that I was resigned about ever changing. I feel better and there is a compounding effect where I can do more and move more which actually makes me feel better and then I can do even more.  It’s not just about the posture work, it’s what having a solid foundation of posture makes available.  It’s like I could take responsibility for a key aspect of my health (my body’s structure) in a way that I never could before.  Thank you Maryann!”

Aurena Ronquillo

“Last July 2016, I contacted Maryann Berry because I was experiencing TMJ or lock jaw, lower back pain, and I was constantly sick.I accepted an 8 week or 60-day challenge of completing daily Egoscue e-cises directed by Maryann Berry. Challenge Accomplished!
The results are phenomenal because I look at my jaw and my jaw works without pain! My posture is aligned and I have great drainage in my sinuses, so I haven’t been sick for the two months that I completed my daily exercises.”

Amelie Olausson

“Hi everybody! I am a postural alignment specialist living in Sweden (so excuse my English). I work as a postural therapist, seeing clients on an individual basis. I have joined this group because I’ve followed Maryann’s work for a long time and think she is doing a fantastic job with The Posture Workout! I hope you all understand what a great opportunity this is, to get this kind of support without paying loads of money.
Good luck to all of you!”

Let’s get one thing straight,

Posture therapy is for everyone!

Marcus Filly, (12th Fittest – Reebok CrossFit Games 2016)

“From time to time throughout the course of my athletic career, I’ve had the good fortune of meeting some very gifted and inspiring educators. In most cases, fate brought these people into my life. Not through active searching, but through the law of attraction, I have found my way into their lives, and them into my life.

Recently Maryann Berry came into my life. I didn’t know it at the time but have grown to appreciate just what a special encounter it was.

At 32 years old I have spent the better part of the last 20 years playing competitive sports. I have competed on the world wide stage in sport, trained at times 30 hours a week, and I have put myself through tremendous physical stress in order to be the best I can be in my chosen sports.

Inevitably, that much training and competing left me with my share of injuries. I have noticed over the past several years that my body has developed some imbalances. Certain ways I used to move just don’t feel the same anymore. In addition I have developed chronic pains that I used to not have. I knew there was a connection, but despite my best efforts to try and do something to self-correct, I was left feeling imbalanced and in pain.

Enter Maryann to my life. She introduced me to a method and practice of understanding my body that would go on to frame much of the way I look at my own movement. She started to educate me and provide me with the tools I needed to really understand my imbalances, work towards correcting them, and to be mindful of these positional changes throughout my training and day to day life.

Maryann is an educator, not just a therapist to help unlock my pain. What she has taught me will carry over to so many parts of my life and will provide me with a new awareness that can and will help me navigate my body as I age and change life habits. Her patience and encouragement have gone a long way to keep me committed to the process and help me solidify these practices into my life.

If you have chronic pain or are looking for a way to better understand how your body moves and how you can align yourself to perform more optimally, then I highly recommend you contact Maryann and start your journey with her.”

Shelley Coletti

“Hi, my name is Shelley Coletti and I am from Canada. I am a 57 year old mom of 4 amazing kids and have been married for 30 years to the love of my life. We have 2 dogs. I have been a fitness professional for 35 years. I was born with hip dysplasia.

In the course of 3 years I had 17 body casts. I walked with pain and a limp all my life. At the age of 22 I had hip surgery and was in a body cast for 3 months. It was experimental surgery gone bad, and as a result I had to learn to walk again. After I had my children I had my first total hip replacement in 1999 and a second one 2009. At that time I told the physiotherapist that my knee was killing me and I couldn’t do their therapy. This was a world-renowned center and they stated they had to rehabilitate the hip, not the knee. I stopped and did my own therapy. Last year I was told I needed a total knee replacement. That was when I found Egoscue.

I read all the books, watched the DVD’s and tried to get therapy but it was outrageously priced. They say you can’t put a price on your health but I have 4 kids in university and post grad so that wasn’t going to happen. After doing the Egoscue for 1 month I noticed my knee was not as sore. I felt stronger, and I found Maryann on Realign. I loved her instantly and began following her. She was always generous with her time and comments. I wanted so badly to have a one on one with her but, again, it was costly. I tried finding one-on-one’s in Canada but there was only one man avilable, and he was even more expensive.

When Maryann developed this group I was the first person to sign up. I was so grateful and I still am. I love this group. I need this group. I am forever learning about my body every single day. Up until Christmas my knee was doing much better. I have scoliosis of the lower spine as well. I was teaching and training and doing my menu but aching again. I got very depressed but I kept going. Then Maryann did a live FB talk about some things of great importance and it dawned on me that I was spiraling down, which meant I was overdoing it. Not the Egoscue, the other things.

Maryann was supportive and gave me so much hope, but also asked me to really learn from this experience. I began journaling and found that I was really overdoing it. So I stopped everything I was doing, hit reset, and did a few exercises before carrying on. It was as if my body just said, enough. So every time I felt my knee rage with pain I would stop, do some exercises and seriously within a few days I am on my way to feeling better. I feel stronger. I am so grateful for The Posture Workout. I am so happy that I have turned down the surgery and I am anxious to wait and see how my xrays look come April. However, it isn’t even about that. It’s how I feel. My husband said I use to groan with pain all night long. He said that I no longer do that. I use to walk with a limp and I no longer do that. My right foot use to drag and turn in and it no longer does that. I still have pain in the right knee and right hip but nothing compared to even a week ago. I know I must listen to my body and when I over do it I must not stop just reset and do less. Less is actually more.

As a fitness professional for so many years, I cannot tell you how much more I am learning and how that interaction is helping everyone around me. From family, to friends, to clients, The Posture Workout is worth the time it takes. I find myself doing early morning menus, before exercise menus, after exercise menus and before bed menus. I have my computer up so I am standing and sometimes I will do butt squeezes while typing. Thank you so very much for making this group affordable and life changing. It is a process, a life long process and I am in it for life.”

Hemant Damani

“I suffer from a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) which causes the spine to fuse naturally. There is no medical cure and this can only be controlled by exercises and posture techniques.

I have had AS for over 20 years and via regular chiropractic care and controlling my eating habits I was able to maintain it with some control.

However, in March of 2016 I had a severe attack and my neck and shoulders were in extreme pain. I would go to my chiropractor twice a week with no relief, and I was taking anti-inflammatory tablets (4 each day) with little relief. As I speculated on my life and what I could do I googled for treatment of neck and shoulder pain.

It was then that I came across your article and videos on the topic, and later I went to your website. I tried the exercises that you had posted and they seemed to help. So I finally contacted you and I was very skeptical as to how the Skype sessions would work since we were both in different states. You also insisted I read the book by Pete Egoscue on Pain Free Living via Motion and I ordered it right away.

I am glad you did because one of the important aspects of regaining your health is believing in yourself and your ability to restore yourself, instead of listening to anyone else about there not being a cure.

Since then I have had 2 additional sessions with you.  The last one was where I had severe pain in my right shoulder and back and the exercises you showed me helped control the pain immediately (in less than a week).

The exercises are simple and can be done at home without any special equipment. I also have now scaled back my chiropractor visits to a maximum of 2 times a month, and at times, once a month.

I know I have a long way to go to correct my posture, and reversing the AS may seem very difficult, but each day is a blessing and I cannot begin to thank you enough for your patience and thoughtful approach to helping me out. You have been a true life saver for me as I did not know what I could have done without the exercises you recommended.

I have tried physical therapy in the past to no avail and your sessions have been significantly superior.

Thank you once again Maryann, truly appreciate what you do and the service you offer others.”

Kathy Wright

“I’m not sure I can do the necessity of the Posture Workout justice. As an active, healthy and fit 58 year old female, who worked out on a daily basis, I wasn’t convinced I needed a posture workout. After all, how could working on your posture be a workout ? Needless to say, after just one week, I was convinced that I wouldn’t be effectively working out without first doing my posture exercises. Challenging, effective, performance enhancing and life changing!”

Arun Heer

“After doing the Posture Workout everyday for almost 3 weeks, I’ve already noticed changes in my standing posture. My shoulders now feel as if they naturally stack over my hips and I feel more upright overall. The Posture Workout has also been a great way for me to start the morning thinking about my posture and being aware of my body positions throughout the day. I’m excited to see more changes in the months to come!”

Danielle Gordon

“I travel frequently for work and pleasure. I am often on a plane or car for 5+ hours. I love to travel and don’t mind being on the road at all. Typically, by the last leg of my travels I am feeling a sharp pain in my lower back. I will need to get up, move, readjust, stretch and find any way to move and relieve the pressure. 

My last trip was coming home from Toronto (5.5+ hrs in a plane). I did not even realize until I got home that I wasn’t twitchy, I did not have to get up and move around, I had a full flight PAIN FREE! This is HUGE!

The simplicity of this routine was easy to do in my hotel room, living room and anywhere on the go. If a week of Egoscue practice makes travel pain free, I can only imagine how good my body will feel living freely the rest of my life. Thank you Maryann!!”


Tracey Maurice

“I feel so fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with Maryann. I have been suffering with a nagging pain in my lower back that radiates it over into my right hip. During my private Realign consult she addressed several issues in my posture and misalignment in my pelvis that was adversely affecting most of my load bearing joints. She created a customized menu of exercises for me to do on a daily basis in the time that I had allowed with my busy schedule that are already starting to make a difference. Through troubleshooting and test /retest she picked specific exercises that had immediate results in improving my posture and movement patterns. I look forward to continuing to utilize this program in my mobility routine as well as the results it will yield. Maryann is awesome and truly cares about helping everyone she meets live pain free! I can’t wait for her to visit again!”

Casandra Camacho

I had this crazy idea to start training for a half-marathon. During my training I started to develop this constant cramp in my right foot, which no matter how much I stretched it, would not go away. In addition, I had this intense, dull pain in my left shoulder. My shoulder was constantly throbbing, making it hard to concentrate on work and even hard to sleep comfortably. After months of just bearing the pain I went to see Maryann knowing how many others she had helped. After just a couple days I started to feel so much better! After a couple of weeks my pain was virtually nonexistent. My foot doesn’t bother me anymore and whenever my shoulder starts to bother me I just start doing my exercises again to take care of it. NO pills needed! I know I can go to Maryann for any pain and she will make magic happen. Thank you Maryann for all your help!

Rosie Donovan

“I commenced Maryann Berry’s Posture Workout routine about 2-3 weeks ago and have been doing the first lot of exercises almost every day as directed.  I find the routine easy to work through and taking only around 15 minutes, it’s quick enough to fit into my daily schedule before work.


My main reason for signing up to The Posture Workout is that over time a previous leg injury had caught up with me and my lifestyle was being impacted in a major way.  This year alone, I have spent a thousands of dollars seeing physios and chiropractors to get some relief and rehabilitation from the pain and limitation that my old leg injury was causing me and yes, after each visit I would have relief and go away with exercises to do, but with no seemingly permanent improvement.


I have noticed since doing the first lot of exercises set out in The Posture Workout, plus some of the ones that are shown in the bonus videos on a regular basis, that my upper body has more extension and I am walking probably the best I have in about 12 months.  I still have a way to go for full rehabilitation but based on the results that I have achieved so far from The Posture Workout routine, I would say that these exercises have given me a more positive result than any other remedial treatment I received in the past 12 months.  For this reason, I would have no hesitation in recommending this workout to anyone, regardless of your occupation, fitness levels or lifestyle and I believe everyone can benefit from this wonderful, quick and easy to understand exercise routine.”


“I am a mother of two small children and have suffered with back and hip pain for 4 years. The onset was with the birth of my 4 year old. I have been to many specialists and spent thousands of dollars trying to find a solution to my pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, I never found relief or even an accurate diagnosis for my constant pain—my whole life was altered. I couldn’t travel, workout, walk lightly, or even sit on the couch without suffering.

Luckily, I was introduced to Maryann by my sister and started the process of egoscue. It was a slow process, but I have finally turned a corner and have less pain. I do my daily stretches and am able to finally work out again. For the first time in four years, I feel like myself again.

Maryann took the time to assess my medical situation and devise a plan that was tailored to my own unique situation. I felt that for the first time in years, a medical professional finally listened to me. In the past, doctors, therapists, and even chiropractors treated me as a number—they never paid attention to what I had to say, but not Maryann. She has gone above and beyond to listen to me and to reach out to me outside of our regular scheduled appointments.

The unique benefit of seeing Maryann was that I was sent home with tools to maintain my pain, as opposed to seeing someone to get adjusted. I especially appreciate Maryann checking in on me and being so involved. Her dedication and her desire to help me, has meant the world.”


“I went to Maryann because I had been having severe pain starting in my right hip, down my leg, to my foot. I had been to my doctor a few times, who diagnosed it as Iliotibial Band Syndrome, and he had told me that I should give up walking (my favorite form of exercise) and take Ibuprofen each day to alleviate the pain. Very dissatisfied with that, I made an appointment to see Maryann to see if she could help.

My initial consultation with Maryann was wonderful. She clearly explained her plan for me for the next 8 weeks – so I signed up then and there and started my treatment that day. And I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Working with Maryann, I looked forward to my weekly sessions, as she is very personable, extremely knowledgeable and quite caring. Maryann would work with me each session, carefully explaining the exercises I needed to do that week at home; she then clearly demonstrated each one and took the time to ensure I was doing them correctly. Later that day, I always received an email from her, with directions and pictures on how to do each exercise. As well, she was very diligent in weekly follow-up phone calls to see how I was doing and if I had any questions.

I am very appreciative of Maryann’s work with me and her great manner. I’m not young or fit by any means, but Maryann never made me feel anything but positive and capable. As well, she took an interest in me as a person and always made me feel better about myself. Much thanks to Maryann, I can now say that I am pain-free when I’m walking, and I continue with the wonderful exercise program she had laid out for me. No matter what business or practice she goes into, I am sure Maryann will be an asset to any organization; and her intelligence, common sense, work ethic and wonderful demeanor will bring life to any company.”


“I am 69 years old. I’ve been coming to Maryann for 2 months. I’ve had shoulder pain for 20-25 years.  The range of motion of my shoulders was severely lacking. Turning my head was limited and it was forward, the head that is. Low back pain has always been an issue. Bending over to pick something off the floor always caused pain. If all this isn’t enough, I always walked on the outside of my feet. 

Other than the pain, from one shoulder or the other, I was unaware of how badly my body was out of alignment. I finally started working out at a fitness studio not far from where I lived. It was there I found that I really couldn’t do all the exercises because of the lack of motion in my shoulders. I couldn’t reach either arm straight over my head, thereby, causing pain to my shoulders.

After 2 months of Maryann’s Realign Therapy, the pain is gone. That’s huge for my quality of life. That doesn’t mean I’m totally fixed. However, the range of motion in my shoulders has increased tremendously. My forward head is returning to its’ rightful place on my shoulders. That same head now turns more easily from side to side. That’s good news for the other drivers. I am not waking with low back pain any longer. Also walking more evenly on my feet. 

I now look forward to picking things off the floor, from behind couches. It sounds crazy, but I was never able to do this without pain for a couple of decades. Get this, I am now able to actually look forward to workouts.  Whereas, before, they were something  I just had to do.

The beauty of Maryann’s Realign Therapy is that the more you work at it, the more you keep getting better and better.”