One-On-One Therapy With Maryann Berry:

"I booked a one-on-one session with Maryann and was thrilled to see what I never really got from multiple physical therapists — a diagnosis (valgus knees) and explanations for my areas of pain and misalignment.

In just a couple days of doing the exercises, my back and neck pain disappeared, and jaw pain hasn’t returned. And the inflammation around my lower back that had accompanied the pain diminished as well — between that and the better stance, it looks like I lost 10 pounds!"


"After about 5 weeks of following the menus that Maryann crafted for me, my lower back pain had reduced by about 80%.  4 months later, I am able to sit comfortably for long stretches, as long as I mind my posture and sit correctly, which I learned how to do from Maryann.  I am not completely pain free, but the improvement has been dramatic to say the least.

I very much enjoyed the Realign process as it allows you to take control of your situation, you get out what you put in."


"I completed my Beast Spartan with no heel pain and I 100% attribute that to Maryann and her precise medicine of exercises. She was always in contact and kept close tabs on my progress.

If you are in ANY pain, especially if you think its “chronic” or “I have had that my whole life” or any other excuse you use to live with this discomfort, I strongly suggest an appointment. It is your health and your body, and YOU are worth it!"


"After spending months and months going to Osteopaths and massage therapists and only getting mild or temporary relief, I finally met Maryann who explained the exact cause of all my injuries and problems and created the perfect plan to help me improve.

In just two months, my knee pain has almost completely subsided, I am able to drive reasonable distances again. I no longer experience excruciating pain when sneezing and my quality of life is improving every single day, in fact, I was finally able to sit on a plane again after a whole year. "


"The first thing I noticed about Maryann was how clear, detailed and deliberate she was. She wanted to educate me about the process. She suggested that I buy the book and read it to understand the theory behind Egoscue. I did.

And when she gave me exercises, she walked me through each one, taking the time to ensure my body was lined up properly before we even started. She talked me through each exercise, corrected my alignment before we even started, reassured me that I was feeling the right things, and supported me every step of the way.It has been a little over three weeks now, and I am about 90 to 95% recovered. "


"I am 69 years old. I’ve had shoulder pain for 20-25 years.  After 2 months of Maryann’s Realign Therapy, the pain is gone. That’s huge for my quality of life. That doesn’t mean I’m totally fixed. However, the range of motion in my shoulders has increased tremendously. My forward head is returning to its’ rightful place on my shoulders. That same head now turns more easily from side to side. That’s good news for the other drivers. I am not waking with low back pain any longer. Also walking more evenly on my feet. 

I now look forward to picking things off the floor, from behind couches. It sounds crazy, but I was never able to do this without pain for a couple of decades. Get this, I am now able to actually look forward to workouts.  Whereas, before, they were something  I just had to do."


"At 32 years old I have spent the better part of the last 20 years playing competitive sports. I have competed on the world wide stage in sport, trained at times 30 hours a week, and I have put myself through tremendous physical stress in order to be the best I can be in my chosen sports.

Maryann is an educator, not just a therapist to help unlock my pain. What she has taught me will carry over to so many parts of my life and will provide me with a new awareness that can and will help me navigate my body as I age and change life habits. Her patience and encouragement have gone a long way to keep me committed to the process and help me solidify these practices into my life."


"I have learned that I have great say so in my level of healing. I have come to believe I can fight the pain with relatively simple, daily e-cises that will improve my quality of life. My body is probably stronger now in my 50's than it was in my younger years. I know that I must keep moving, it is paramount to my health. I have determined I won't give up in this fight against chronic back pain and I believe what I have learned through this program is the greatest tool I have in the fight."


"Meeting with Maryann was more than just a session where I learned some new exercises, it was a session where I discovered a whole new approach on how to relate to my body.  I realized that by doing the work I could actually really address areas where I was experiencing pain and that I was resigned about ever changing. Thank you Maryann!"


"Being a patient of rheumatoid arthritis for 15 years, chronic inflammation had resulted in degeneration of my joints, particularly the weight-bearing lower limbs. The resultant effect was pain and limitation of movement which I believed was completely due to the damaged joints.

I have been doing the ecises for about 6 months now and there has been a huge difference. My pain scores have lowered significantly, my gait has become more normal, my posture has improved and I’m moving about easily.

But the most exciting fact is that after a long time, I feel nearer to normal, something I had given up on."


"I think I rated my pain a 5-6 initially. By the end of our first session it was a 1-2. By the end of my first week doing the exercises she prescribed religiously on a daily basis, my hip pain was gone. I worked with Maryann for about 6 months leading up to the RKC Certification in May. During that time period, that hip pain never resurfaced and I passed the RKC Certification with no problem.

If you are in chronic pain, pain that you've been living with for a long time, contact her. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I'm still doing my exercises and remain pain free. Thank you, Maryann, for all you've done to help me:)"


"After the first session, I noticed my TMJ pain had subsided a significant amount. After one week of doing my daily exercises I noticed I was able to run 3 miles non-stop daily. My knees, lower back pain, hip, neck, and shoulder pain are pretty much nonexistent now. I am now able to run more than 5 miles daily and the pain is literally gone. I am grateful for Maryann’s help!"


"I travel frequently for work and pleasure. I am often on a plane or car for 5+ hours. I love to travel and don’t mind being on the road at all. Typically, by the last leg of my travels I am feeling a sharp pain in my lower back. I will need to get up, move, readjust, stretch and find any way to move and relieve the pressure.

My last trip was coming home from Toronto (5.5+ hrs in a plane). I did not even realize until I got home that I wasn’t twitchy, I did not have to get up and move around, I had a full flight PAIN FREE! This is HUGE!"


"Before working with Maryann, I had seen a variety of heath care practitioners about long-standing neck, back, hip and ankle pain. While I would feel better after seeing them, the benefits would not last. By contrast, Maryann has customized alignment exercises for me to feel better and move better every day.

Maryann is knowledgeable and responsive, as well as thoughtful and kind. She makes the exercises fun, and working with her has been one of the best things I have done for my health.”


"A week and a half after meeting with Maryann, I could sleep again. Not a perfect night but a decent one. After that, my shoulder went just better and better and four months later, it was back to 90% of it's capacity so, I could say that it was back to normal which is amazing for a frozen shoulder.

I can't say thank you enough to Maryann and I highly recommend her to anyone who is suffering with any kind of discomfort or joint problems. Thank you Maryann!"


"Eventually as I got to know Maryann better through the Facebook group, I also decided to invest in some one-on-one online training sessions which have been fantastic for me. I continue to experience improvements in my pain levels and also with my posture. While I am still dealing with some neck and hip pain, these are both so much better. I rarely take any NSAIDs these days and feel like I have the tools available to help me feel better.

I used to be a wreck from all of the grading I had to do at the end of each semester and I do not encounter this nowadays at all. I can also report that I sleep much better and also wake up without the extreme stiffness in my hips that I was experiencing two years ago."


"I suffered from misalignment related pain and discomfort for over 15 years before trying Realign Therapy. In the past, I have tried chiropractic, massage, yoga, and other forms of relief without lasting benefits. After working with Maryann, my body feels better every day and I now feel I have the tools necessary to help alleviate pain and drive meaningful change on my own terms. Maryann was extremely knowledgeable and approached the training from the perspective of someone who has been in the client's position. I would recommend Realign Therapy to anyone looking to correct their posture/alignment and reduce pain."


"I consider myself a success story and have dreaded writing this because frankly I don’t like thinking of that dark place I was in. I was 28 years old when I had my first child, which was such an exciting and amazing gift. Unfortunately, it came with a long road of unbearable and debilitating pain that completely altered my life in every way. I cried myself to sleep every night for the first 6 months after my son was born. The pain in my back, hips, groin and shins were constant. For me this caused some depression. I eventually had a second child and spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Four years of my life I was pretty much sedentary.

I have always been into fitness and after having two children, not feeling or looking like myself and not having the  ability to work out, just killed me. I hated the person I saw in the mirror and how I felt. I just knew there was someone out there that could help me. I just hadn’t found them yet.

Then I was referred to Maryann! We worked together for about 9 months. In the beginning my body was so tight I couldn’t even get in some of the positions. I was so committed to this that I would drive an hour each way to see her. When our sessions were done, I continued religiously with my exercises everyday for a year and a half.  I’m so proud to say that I just got certified to become a personal trainer and spend so much of my time being active and working out.  I am not completely pain free, but Maryann has taught me and she gave me the tools needed to work with my body and get it back to where it needs to be.  As a Personal Trainer I really want to help timid women feel more confided when working out and help them in a why that Maryann helped me.  Giving them the strength and confidence to do and be their best."


“I love to run. It makes me feel happy and it allows me to relieve my stress. I was a die-hard runner for years, but one day out of nowhere my left knee hurt. It hurt to walk down stairs, it hurt to kneel, and it even hurt after sitting. I saw my internist, and I was diagnosed with “runner’s knee.” He prescribed a break from running and physical therapy. I did everything as recommended, and most knee pain was relieved, but I still could not run.  I was so sad.

I consulted sports medicine doctors and orthopedic surgeons. Everyone prescribed the same types of exercises, but I still could not run. Eventually, a few told me that my running days were over. I was really depressed. I bought an elliptical and stuck to that.  Sometimes I would try to run again; but after only a short distance, the pain always returned. Then a friend recommended that I check out Posture Alignment Therapy. I figured that I would attend the first meeting, but I was skeptical so I did not get my hopes up.

At our first meeting, you assessed my alignment and pointed out the issues resulting in the pain.  (All of which the others had shown me). Then you had me do a few straight forward exercises. By the end of the session, I could see a huge improvement in my alignment. I went home and followed your recommendations. I really could feel a big difference in my posture very quickly.  So with caution and a bit of fear, I decided to go out and *test* my knee with a run. I ran about 4 miles no problem at all.  No pain that day or the next or the rest of the week. I am still cautious, and I still mostly use my elliptical, but once a week I enjoy a nice run with my son. We have built up my distance to 8 miles, and still no pain!  We have run the big hill at Torrey Pines, and still no pain! I have not been able to run like this in more than 10 years, and now I am able to enjoy running with my teenage son. It is awesome! Your knowledge and skill have given me one of the best things in life: the ability to share a run with my son.  I am so happy!!!!!!”


"I had this crazy idea to start training for a half-marathon. During my training I started to develop this constant cramp in my right foot, which no matter how much I stretched it, would not go away. In addition, I had this intense, dull pain in my left shoulder. My shoulder was constantly throbbing, making it hard to concentrate on work and even hard to sleep comfortably. After months of just bearing the pain I went to see Maryann knowing how many others she had helped. After just a couple days I started to feel so much better! After a couple of weeks my pain was virtually nonexistent. My foot doesn't bother me anymore and whenever my shoulder starts to bother me I just start doing my exercises again to take care of it. NO pills needed! I know I can go to Maryann for any pain and she will make magic happen. Thank you Maryann for all your help!"


"I had been working with a Chiropractor for about the last year or a little more, suffering from chronic leg pain, hip pain and suddenly recently contracted a neck and shoulder pain which I attributed to ‘stress’. I don’t know how long Maryann has been trying to get me to check out Realign, but I know its been quite a while. Finally, I ‘relented’ when I was not getting the relief I need with the chiropractor. Now I think, “SILLY ME!” I worked with Maryann one time and then started doing the exercises which took no more than 20 minutes. Day 1 after doing the exercises at home I had no knee pain. Day 2 after dancing for two hours, no pain… no more restless legs, no more leg cramps… all gone. After Day 3 I was scared not to do the exercises as I was scared the pain would come back… but they have not.

So after three weeks of doing the exercises, I go back to the chiropractor who told me the rotation in my hip was less pronounced and my leg strength was 100%. Go Figure! So if you are like me!  Hard headed and suffering… STOP IT.  Maryann and Realign does help!  Be Pain free! Like ME!"


"I noticed my TMJ, sciatic, and scapular pains started to lessen as each day went by. The exercises are challenging, but it gave me the results that I was looking for all this time. The result that I’m receiving has inspired me to never give up and to do it on a daily basis so I can be pain free.

I feel amazing. I want to thank Maryann for what she has done for me. She has changed my life for the better and I am forever grateful for her."


"It’s been a struggle for me over these last 6 months, working the program every day, but I knew I had to do it. And it paid off! After about 3 months into the program, one day I got up in the morning and did not have any pain. It took me a while to come to that realization. I was about to take my daily NSAID when I realized that I did not feel any pain!

Since then, I’ve done really well, except for those times when I allow my back to be over worked, such as when I traveled a lot or moved from one home to another. Realign Therapy is not a quick fix.  It can be tedious, repetitive and boring, but it works.  Just like any other discipline: learning to play the piano, golf, meditation, ballet or anything else, it takes daily practice and commitment. I highly recommend Maryann, who has been through terrible pain herself and recovered her physical strength and agility by working this program."

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The Posture Workout:

"As a fitness professional for so many years, I cannot tell you how much more I am learning and how that interaction is helping everyone around me. From family to friends to clients The Posture Workout is worth the time it takes.

I find myself doing early morning menus, before exercise menus, after exercise menus and before bed menus. I have my computer up so I am standing and sometimes I will do butt squeezes while typing. Thank you so very much for making this group affordable and life changing. It is a process, a lifelong process and I am in it for life."


"Dec. 13th 2016, I woke up at 3am from the pain in my right hip and neck, and sat at the computer researching and praying for something new to help me in my… oh I don’t know… I lose track of the years when I felt ok and when I lived with pain and oodles of appointments at the chiropractor, reflexologist, masseuse, pain pills, and met with a surgeon and almost scheduled neck surgery.

I do have protrusions and narrowing in C4-C7 in my cervical spine and the pain has decided to stay for the last 5 years as I believe my job at the computer has exasperated my condition.
That night, finding Maryanne and The Posture Workout online, I decided that for $47 a month I was willing to try anything.

Right away and now 2 months later, I have positive results, resulting in being able to sleep on my right side for a few hours at a time, I can easily recognize when I have upper back and lower back spasms and now can experience the spasms being gone when my muscles relax.

There are times when I do not have neck pain. I know that I can do my posture workouts and I will feel better. I have hope. I know that if I put in the work, do the posture workouts faithfully, I will feel better and I will continue to be better. I am very thankful to Maryanne for this online workout program."


"I’ve been in pain for many years — 12 years of IT band pain and 6 years of neck and back pain. The worst of it came from a car accident, but I believe the root cause of the ongoing pain is from a combination of poor posture and sitting too much.

With The Posture Workout community group, I am more motivated to do the exercise routine on a regular basis, and the videos have helped me stay focused during the routine so that I complete it each day. After just 6 weeks with this program, I am already starting to feel some relief in my back."


"My biggest hope is coming true! Since joining The Posture Workout in March of 2017, my back is stabilizing. I still have tough weeks that make me feel like giving up but each time is a little less bad than the time before. I've also noticed, painful weeks happen after I've been slacking on Maryann's monthly routine. When I get back in there, the pain clears up. I now see the chiropractor once per month instead of three times weekly and sometimes he barely needs to adjust anything! I am back to doing my favorite activities, my most favorite being long days on the bike with friends. Over the summer I was able to complete a few 85 mile rides. I feel like my old self again! My primary objective now is to stick with this for long enough that those bad weeks happen fewer and farther between.

Outside of the health benefits, there are many great things about this program. It is deceptively easy, it doesn't require too many tools and the online community is great! I love that the monthly routines are easy to memorize after a few days. When I feel rushed or I am not at home, I can still do them easily. I appreciate that I can do them anywhere, even while camping! Mostly though, I love how involved Maryann is with each of us. She keeps me motivated."


"I'm not sure I can do the necessity of the Posture Workout justice. As an active, healthy and fit 58 year old female, who worked out on a daily basis, I wasn't convinced I needed a posture workout. After all, how could working on your posture be a workout? Needless to say, after just one week, I was convinced that I wouldn't be effectively working out without first doing my posture exercises. Challenging, effective, performance enhancing and life changing!"


"I commenced Maryann Berry’s Posture Workout routine about 2-3 weeks ago and have been doing the first lot of exercises almost every day as directed.  I find the routine easy to work through and taking only around 15 minutes, it’s quick enough to fit into my daily schedule before work.

I have noticed since doing the first lot of exercises set out in The Posture Workout, plus some of the ones that are shown in the bonus videos on a regular basis, that my upper body has more extension and I am walking probably the best I have in about 12 months.  For this reason, I would have no hesitation in recommending this workout to anyone, regardless of your occupation, fitness levels or lifestyle and I believe everyone can benefit from this wonderful, quick and easy to understand exercise routine."


"I worked in the fitness industry for years and I thought that my basic knowledge was sufficient to 'solve' my issues. It didn't. All the things I did lessened my symptoms, but I was never able to get to the core. And then I started The Posture Workout about two months ago.

The principle of realigning comes from a different angle and it brings you right to the core of your troubles. I noticed improvement almost right away by giving me space in my upper back area. It is very time efficient (15 min a day) because you strengthen and lengthen at the same time. I also find it gentle on the body. A workout doesn't have to be harsh to be efficient! If this can be a part of your daily routine you will benefit from the results for the rest of your life."