Work One-On-One With Maryann

Maryann’s One-On-One Therapy program is based in a revolutionary method for resolving chronic pain called The Egoscue Method.

As an Egoscue Certified Posture Alignment Therapist, Maryann will partner with you to customize a program targeted towards your specific bodily imbalances.

Therapy sessions are conducted over Zoom in the Pacific Time Zone.

Each session lasts for 90 minutes.

It is recommended that you have an appointment once a week for the first 4-5 weeks.

Then every 2 weeks, then every 3 weeks, until you get into more of a “maintenance phase” of once a month.

For availability and pricing, send an email to

Benefits Of One-On-One Therapy

  • Learn tools that can be applied for life.
  • Take charge of your health.
  • Customized routines that target your specific imbalances, and meet you where you’re at.
  • Easy to follow, easy to access instructions provided in video and PDF format.