What Does One-On-One Therapy Include?

One-On-One Therapy is the most direct path towards reaching your goals of eliminating chronic pain and getting back to the activities you love.

This process starts off with a posture assessment using photographs with a plumb line inserted into the front, left, back, and right side views. For in-person appointments, photos are taken and analyzed on the spot with you participating in the whole process!

If the appointment is conducted via Skype, posture photos will need to be sent via email to your therapist ahead of time (you will receive instructions on how to do this once your appointment is booked). Submitting your photos ahead of time will allow your therapist to complete your photo analysis, so when you get on Skype together your therapist will brief you on their findings and guide you through your customized exercise program.

Many people are concerned that the Skype method of therapy might not be as effective or as accurate as the in-person method, which is completely not try. The Skype method of Posture Alignment Therapy has been a prooven and effective method for facilitating the Posture Therapy process for over a decade.


“I booked a one-on-one session with Maryann and was thrilled to see what I never really got from multiple physical therapists — a diagnosis (valgus knees) and explanations for my areas of pain and misalignment. Even over Skype, Maryann was so helpful in making sure that I maintained the correct posture as I learned how to do my e-cise menu. In just a couple days of doing the exercises, my back and neck pain disappeared, and jaw pain hasn’t returned. Whereas before my back and head tilted to the right, I can now see myself standing up much straighter in the mirror and notice that my knees curve inward a bit less as my weight now seems to be distributed to different parts of my feet. And the inflammation around my lower back that had accompanied the pain diminished as well — between that and the better stance, it looks like I lost 10 pounds!”

During your initial session, either over Skype or in person, you will be assigned a customized sequence of stretches and exercises called a menu designed to address the root compensations that are causing your pain. Every time you complete your menu you can expect to immediately notice improvements in your balance, flexibility, and mobility. By doing this menu on a daily basis you will be able to inch your way towards getting yourself out of pain. Each time you complete your menu you will be making incremental progress towards this goal.

One of the keys to this therapy process is following a progression of menus over time, each menu piggy backing on the previous one, which will amount to overall gains in strength and postural stability which will ultimately amount to less pain and better function in your daily life. A menu can last for 15 minutes and up to two hours depending on what is needed for you to reach your goals in the time frame that you want. The more work you are able to put in, the more quickly you can get yourself better!

To support you with consistency, and convenience of accessing the information you need to complete your menu accurately and on a daily basis, your menu will be provided to you in the following formats:

-A PDF will be emailed to you containing photographs and detailed written instructions on how to accurately execute your customized menu of exercises. This PDF can be printed upon request if your appointments are in-person.

-A “Web Menu” will be emailed to you containing hyperlinks to instructional videos for the majority of the exercises in your menu to help reinforce the learning process.

-A mobile app is available for iPhone only which will provide you access to your menu on your iPhone.

Follow up sessions last for 60 to 90 minutes and are scheduled at a frequency agreed upon by you and your therapist which is typically one to two times per week for a time span of four to six months.

Your relationship with your therapist goes beyond just the time you have scheduled with one another. Between appointments you can expect to hear from your therapist with either a phone call or an email to check in, see how everything is going, and to see if you have any questions. You are welcome to reach out to your therapist if questions come up, and you are encouraged to communicate with your therapist as much as possible between appointments. Many of our clients are still in touch with us, even years after completing their therapy program. We are here to build a lifelong relationship with you that will support you in achieving and maintaining your goals for a lifetime!

The more frequently a person is able to attend continuation sessions at the beginning of their program, the more quickly the learning process happens, and the more quickly they are able to get out of pain, and stay out of pain. Each continuation session consists of a review of your progress, and a review of your customized menu. As you make progress towards getting better, your menu will be adjusted with different exercises to ensure you are making progress and building strength and stability in the needed areas.

Once your symptoms abate, you will be instructed in a “strengthening menu” and a “function run” both of which will allow you to build on the progress you are making with your menu and will assist you in achieving your fitness goals.


How Do I Keep Pain From Coming Back?

Once you have completed your therapy program with Realign, it is critical that you continue to do your menu on a daily basis to prevent problems from coming back. Maintaining your progress, and preventing future problems will require effort on your part. It is recommended that you take the following proactive measures to maintain your progress:

1) Continue to do your menu on a daily basis, first thing in the morning for best results

2) Cycle through your different personalized menus that were provided to you by your therapist during the span of your therapy program, staying with one menu for at least a week at a time

3) Book an appointment for a maintenance visit once every six months or enroll in my online membership program that will provide you with a 15-minute menu that targets key areas that require posture correction in most people once per month, along with professional feedback, guidance, and support. To learn more visit http://www.thepostureworkout.com.


How Much Does On-On-One Therapy Cost?

Initial Session: $285, 60 – 120 Minutes (Skype sessions are typically 60 minutes in length due to the fact that the posture assessment is completed ahead of time, which saves us both from having to hunch over at our computer screens for two hours, and allows you to walk away from your appointment feeling better and fully prepared to take on your new program!)

Follow Up Sessions: $230, 60 – 90 Minutes

8 Session Therapy Plan: $1700

16 Session Therapy Plan: $3200

*All appointments are booked in the Pacific time zone.

What Results Have Other People Like Me Gotten Out Of The Program?

Brendan Morris

“My hip pain started in earnest in October 2015 and gradually built to the point where I had continual sciatic and joint pain, no matter what I did. I basically had to stop doing everything; not much fun when you teach martial arts.
After physio and acupuncture (which relieved pain for a short period) I was put on the waiting list for an MRI, and with a few months to wait started looking to see if I could help myself.

I came across Maryann through an article she had written for Breaking Muscle. The hip pain she described was almost identical to mine. I did some research into the Egoscue system she mentioned and got in touch.

Now here’s the problem. I live in Glasgow, Scotland, over 5000 miles and 8 hours away from Maryann, so popping round for a visit wasn’t really an option but with the wonders of the internet that really wasn’t an issue. Through Skype Maryann could check my body alignment and easily demonstrate the wide range of prescribed exercises. My only problem with the video link is that whilst I’m in a grey and rainy Glasgow, it always seems to be sunny in California!

Maryann’s enthusiasm for what she does is infectious and she certainly knows her stuff. There is no sugar coating the message she delivers: ‘if you do the exercises you’ll improve, if you don’t, you won’t.

The MRI confirmed a hip impingement in Sept this year and I was advised that surgery (at my age) could speed up the deterioration and that I should take a ticket, wait 10 years and pick up my new hip. I wasn’t too enamoured with this option.

Working with Maryann I almost immediately dropped my pain levels from an 8/9 to a 1 and now, after 6 months, regularly go days without any pain. The exercises are easy do and can be done anywhere, even when travelling for work. Relief from chronic pain is a really big deal and changes your attitude and outlook. Maryann gives you the tools to do this.

It’s taken 52 years for my hips to get into this condition (given what I’ve put them through I’d be disappointed if there wasn’t any wear and tear). Getting my activity levels up again is not going to happen overnight, however working with Maryann I’m making great progress and would not hesitate to recommend her… no matter where you live!”

Daisy Rivera

“At the beginning of the year, I had begun to feel a lot of pain with my knees, hips, lower back, neck, and shoulders. Not to also mention the pain associated with having TMJ for a few years now.

All of a sudden, I wasn’t able to do my daily physical activities such as long distance running or cycling. The pain began to spread everywhere in my body that doctors just ruled it out as having fibromyalgia (which I do not have). After countless of sessions with a physical therapist, chiropractor, and acupuncturist, I was not getting any better.

I began to research online and came across Maryann’s story. Wow! After reading her journey I began to question just exactly everything that I have done this year to get better. Leaving out the most important culprit, bad posture.

I quickly booked an appointment with Maryann and I am thankful I did. During our first session, she explained the Egoscue Method in detail and was very knowledgeable of how bad posture contributes to all sorts of issues.

After the first session, I noticed my TMJ pain had subsided a significant amount. After one week of doing my daily exercises I noticed I was able to run 3 miles non-stop daily. My knees, lower back pain, hip, neck, and shoulder pain are pretty much nonexistent now. I am now able to run more than 5 miles daily and the pain is literally gone. I am grateful for Maryann’s help!”