A good way to tell if you have knock knees is to look in the mirror and see if your feet are apart when your knees are touching.

Here’s an example of what knock knees looks like:

Knock knees (you may have heard this referred to as valgus knees) is the source of knee pain in a lot of people.

Knock knees and the resulting knee pain can be fixed by causing a change in the position of the knees to be in a straight line with the hips and ankles.

Here’s a photo of the same woman’s knees six weeks later:

Her knee pain was gone because her knees were in a straighter line with her hips and ankles.

The knees work together, like a family, with the hips and ankles. By straightening out the legs, we can bring the family back together again so that everything is working, and everyone is happy. 🙂

The woman in the photo realigned her legs by doing exercises that re-tuned the muscles of her hips and legs. In order to keep the problem from coming back she continued to do the exercises every day.

Today I’d like to show you one very powerful exercise that can help you to bring the family of your hips, knees, and ankles back together again. I like to call it The “Jane Fonda” Leg Lifts.

Try doing this exercise as part of your regular workout routine or do it daily for best results. Click the image below to be taken to a video where I demonstrate the exercise:

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