A Case Study


Amy began working with me in January of 2016. She initially came to me with long standing neck, back, hip and ankle pain. Before working with me she had been to a variety of other health practitioners with little to no lasting relief in her symptoms.

Today, Amy has completed her program with me, and she continues to practice her exercise routines on her own at home. Her most recent feedback is that many of her aches and pains are gone, and she is continuing to make progress with her mobility, alignment and function.

This feedback is like music to my ears given that it has been 2 months since our last session and she is keeping up with her program. She has spread her wings and she is now flying. I taught her independence, which I will tell you folks, is no easy thing to teach. What Amy brought to her sessions with me is focus, concentration and an eagerness to learn these tools in order to put them into practice in her day to day life. It was what Amy brought that made my job of teaching independence easy.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the data that I collected along the way in working with Amy:

realign postureposture alignment specialist

Although Amy came to me with particular symptoms throughout her body (neck, back, hip and ankle) we did not focus on these areas. Instead we got to the source of her symptoms by diagnosing where her load joints were misaligned and compensating as a result of dysfunction in her pelvis. In my approach to therapy, at the end of the day, I am mostly concerned with the position of the pelvis. No matter where the pain is located in the body, if pelvic alignment improves, the symptoms throughout the body diminish proportionately. In Amy’s photos we can see a large decrease in pelvic elevation from 10 degrees on the right to 3 degrees on the right, as well as an increase in anterior pelvic tilt. These changes were accompanied with improved spinal position all the way up to the neck, as well as dramatically improved femur (thigh bone) alignment.

Another important thing to note about the results depicted in this case study is that Amy made these changes herself through body weight exercises involving little to no equipment. During the 9 weeks that we worked together we progressed through 9 different routines that included morning exercises, exercises to do at the office during work, and exercises to do at night before bed. Today, Amy has a collection of these routines, and she continues to work through these at her discretion as her maintenance plan. Good job Amy, keep up the good work!


Thanks for reading!! ~Maryann