Today I want to share the story of an incredible woman named Shelley who has worked with me through my online coaching program over the span of about a year. Despite common belief that the body breaks down with age, at the age of 58 Shelley is now performing better than she was 10 years ago! Here’s what Shelley has to say:

“My name is Shelley Coletti and I am a proud Canadian gym owner, my gym is my lab and playground. I am 58 years old, happily married with 4 children and 2 dogs. I was born with hip dysplasia. By the time I was 40 I was told I needed a hip replacement. At 50 I had another one. During physiotherapy I kept complaining that my knee hurt. They didn’t acknowledge it so I quit and did my own rehab.

Over 3 years ago I was unable to walk and my orthopedic surgeon placed me on a list to have my knee replaced. I booked the surgery but went home with a goal in mind. Find alternative help. I came across the Egoscue Method and from there Realign Therapy. I absolutely connected with Maryann’s method of teaching. She is excellent. Her advice was to read Pete Egoscue’s book (Pain Free). I did one knee menu for approximately a month. The first time I did the Supine Groin Stretch, it took me over an hour to feel like it worked. I would have been discouraged but Maryann and Pete’s book warned this could happen. I now only spend 5 to 7 minutes on each leg. That is completely amazing.

I started feeling better within a week and throughout the month I just kept watching Maryann and reading the book over and over again. I looked into one-on-one online training but found it too expensive with 4 kids and all in university and post grad.

Hence Maryann announced a more affordable program beginning in December of last year (The Posture Workout). I was so excited, I was the first person to sign up. It turned out to be better than I ever imagined. Maryann treats us as individuals and is always helpful. The entire program from the start has been professional, honest, and sometimes very emotional as Maryann is so real about her feelings.

My biggest obstacle was to commit every day. Within a month I was up 1 hour earlier. My business opens at 6:30am. With encouragement of this group and the realistic, honest advice from Maryann I had to give it a try.  I get up, I do it and sometimes I redo it or go back to my original program in the evening. Everyone gets excited anticipating our next menu. There have been challenges and setbacks along the way. However, Maryann is always there with her extra helping of encouragement and with our extra live videos.

I got called for my surgery last January and cancelled it. This past September I went for my annual checkup and my orthopedic surgeon was amazed. We saw only a slight improvement in the knee, however, there was improvement, my posture was excellent and no pain in my knee. Needless to say, I was smiling and strong. He dismissed the idea of a surgical procedure at this time and encouraged I keep up with my program.

I still get referred pain from 40 years of walking with a limp, playing sports with bad posture. My body took a beating. I am in the business of fitness but often find myself helping my clients with their posture because every ache and pain is usually a result of bad posture. There are times when they have acute injuries but most of them have bad posture.

There is no special equipment that I need. I take my menu with me wherever I go. I practice it every single day. I also don’t take pain medication. After being in and out of the hospital all my life I tried to stay away from pain medication. Thus far I have not had to use any.

This group is the back bone to my health and sanity. I am stronger because of it. I look forward to celebrating many more years with this group. It works only if you are committed and your health is worth the lifelong commitment.”

Way to go Shelley, and thank you for sharing your story with us!